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Finding Familiarity in Change

How do you feel about change in construction? Do you prefer doing things “the way we’ve always done it”? Join host Todd and guest Maret Thatcher as they discuss Maret’s connections with both construction and law, how difficult it is to cause genuine change in the industry, the fun and challenges involved in augmented reality, and how to frame innovation in a way that people may already be used to.

Maret Thatcher is the CEO of Argyle. Previously, she was in the family construction business--a flagging contractor (you’ve seen the signs--Stop/Slow), Maret paid for law school on the jobsite. She was inspired when she tried the Hololens and was told someone would put the BIM on the jobsite. Alternate realities on top of this world made more sense to Maret than arcane legal theory, and Construction called back to her. Now she spends her days helping people understand that AR is just Star Trek for the Jobsite.

Todd Takes:

The more we can integrate technology into our normal everyday workflow and project management the more likely it is to be practically used. This will help allow us to better align data to the jobsite.
AR helps to enhance your own builder’s intuition and intelligence into a kind of superpower with a ton of potential. Harness it. The last couple years of seen a ton of growth in construction innovation. As easy temptation that we need to avoid is reverting back to what was comfortable. Let’s keep up the momentum and encourage the try it mentality.
I love that Maret brought up the importance of being personable and mental health. It is ok to be willing to talk about the personal side of things in construction. Get to know the person behind the employee. You will be amazed at the benefits that brings across the board.

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