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The Old Trades are Gone

We all have a story to tell—what’s yours? Join host Todd and guest Jessica Bannister as they discuss the growing audience that comes with globalization, the difficulties we face in reaching and maintaining the attention of the younger generation, the essential nature of collaboration in modern times, and much more.
Jessica Bannister is a Level 3 HVAC Apprentice in BC. She is a brand ambassador for ERRECOM. She shares her everyday adventures and journey towards becoming a licensed journeyman on her website and her Instagram (@HVACjess).
1. I have said it before and I will continue to preach it, we must do a better job in telling our story to a watching world. The only way to change the perception of the construction industry is by proactively taking hold of the narrative and share what happens in the day-to-day world from every facet of the industry.
2. Reaching a younger audience has come up a lot in recent episodes. We are already behind the game if we are only starting the conversation with high schoolers. We need to provide hands-on exposure in a relatable way to even elementary age kids.
3. To move the industry forward will take everyone throughout construction working together. That includes different generations, backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives coming to the table and sharing their views and ideas.
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Rachelle Lynch 1662576799
I've been in the trades almost 30 years. Similar starting journey as Jessica, worked in the office as a receptionist and then in accounting/PR for an HVAC contractor and decided I wanted to do what the guys out in the field got to do, much more exciting. I agree with your pod cast and that we need to encourage trade schools much more than we do. Luckily, we started a pre-apprenticeship for Juniors and Seniors in HS a few years ago and working with other high schools to have them create an apprenticeship program in their hs to get these students started earlier. Glad you guys are speaking out.
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