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Secrets to High Performance AEC Firms

What are High Performance AEC Firms?

They're the firms that grow faster than others – consistently and definitively. They can meet deadlines, take on more projects and complete them faster. Their revenues tell the story. They win awards. Quality people want to work there. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that – as different as they may first appear – these high performing companies have several things in common:

They attract high performing people. They provide a technology environment that empowers them to do their best work. That’s not by chance.

In this webinar, we' dig into the performance characteristics of high performing firms, and show you exactly how to set up your technology so great people want to join your team, and all of your people can perform to the very best of their abilities, every single day.

We’ll explore why so many firms say that two technologies completely changed the game for them, and why even faster acceleration is possible when you match those two technologies together.

Watch our webinar with Brad Peterson, VP at Workspot and Petra Davidson, VP at Panzura to explore how being able to collaborate across sites and giving everyone a head office file experience allows them to perform better, meet deadlines faster and scale seamlessly... and the tech that lets them get there.

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